Karla Billington

Director and Principal Catchment Management Consultant

Working across a number of water-resource related agencies and as an independent consultant over the past 20 years, Karla has become recognised as an authority in water resource and catchment management, both in South Australia and within national circles. Karla is an associate of Water Research Australia, active member of the Australian Water Association (AWA), an dis currently serving as the co-chair of the AWA’s Catchment Management Network Committee.

Karla has undertaken various projects including evaluating the vulnerability of water resources for drinking water supplies, aquatic ecosystems and agricultural perspectives, from risks associated with urban and regional landuses and activities. Based on an experienced understanding of vulnerability and risk, Karla has developed various mitigation projects with a focus on quantifying the issues, assessing alternative scenarios, undertaking stakeholder consultation / engagement and quantifying preferred outcomes. Project outcomes are communicated through client reports and stakeholder presentations, with collective learning’s published in national guidance and industry publications, aiming at improving industry best practice.

Karla also has considerable experience in development planning policies, assessments and plans covering: integrated water management, climate vulnerability, recycled water, constructed and natural wetlands and recreation management in public open spaces. Geographic information systems and other supporting technologies, are often utilised in Karla’s projects.

Karla’s professional services have been sought as an independent technical reviewer of major water management plans, water management policy documents, monitoring plans and environmental management courses offered by Universities.

As owner and operator of an independent consultancy over the last 10 years (naturallogic), Karla seeks to carefully understand each client’s needs, fulfil and exceed their identified deliverables through the provision of technical excellence, with a strong focus on empowering the client through knowledge exchange and practical capacity building. Through her extensive professional network, Karla brings together project specific consortium’s, enabling her to manage and deliver on multi-disciplinary projects.

Karla holds a Honours degree in Bachelor of Applied Science in Natural Resource Management, University of Adelaide, and also has post-graduate qualifications in Business Management.