Director and Principal Natural Resource Management Consultant

Over a 30-year career in the public sector, Darren has gained extensive experience across almost every natural resource management agency in South Australia – from fisheries to forestry, parks to environment protection and water, land and biodiversity conservation.

This broad base of exposure underpins Darren’s applied expertise in landscape-scale environmental program management – including the conceptualisation, feasibility assessment, business planning, technical leadership and delivery of biodiversity conservation, water resource, rural land management and environmental engineering project initiatives.

This expertise extends to high-level business functions such as legislation and policy development, financial analysis and planning, organisational logistics, administration and engagement of a broad range of stakeholders and partners.

Also offering broad expertise in project management, Darren has had success in both conventional development projects; and new business/systems initiatives.

In a consulting role, Darren has developed a number of major water resource management policy and strategy documents and has scoped and developed business cases for some $170M in water resource management infrastructure projects. He has also provided environmental project management support for a number of clients.
Darren has substantial experience in working with the primary industries sector in developing improved land management / environmental services arrangements on private lands.

Darren can also draw upon substantial success in establishing practical working partnerships with the academic sector in applied research projects and the integration of unfolding research knowledge into risk assessment, planning and adaptive management.

With a keen eye for both risks and opportunities, Darren has well-developed capabilities to manoeuvre a project through a complex and dynamic playing field and has a proven track record in translating difficult goals into practical delivery.