Source Water Assessment

We bring together catchment and land management information to understand risks to drinking water supplies.

Source water vulnerability assessments

Working with Water Futures Pty Ltd, naturallogic has developed a working methodology and completed over 50 source water assessments for drinking water supplies across Australia. The work determined the vulnerability of the microbial water quality and made recommendations for improved performance (either thorough water treatment plant upgrades or improvement in catchment protections).

naturallogic has completed these assessments for TasWater, Power and Water (NT), Bega Valley Shire Council (NSW), Federation Council (NSW), Clarence Valley Council (NSW) and the North Central Catchment Management Board (Victoria).


National Guide to Sanitary Surveys and Operational Monitoring in Catchments

In collaboration with Water Research Australia and Water Futures Pty Ltd. the national guidance document on ‘Sanitary Surveys and Operational Monitoring in Catchments’  is being developed, to improve the currency, consistency and application of these assessments across the Australian water industry.


Drinking Water Quality Risk Assessment of the Proposed Fernvale Wastewater Treatment Plant

naturallogic was engaged by Water Futures to assist in the development of a Drinking Water Quality Risk Assessment for the proposed expansion of Fernvale Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). The new WWTP would discharge into the Mid-Brisbane River upstream of the Mt Crosby Weir and the two Water Treatment Plants (WTPs) that supply customers with potable water. The potential risks to drinking water quality were assessed.