Risk Assessment and Management

Understanding and assessing risks to environmental and business systems, enables the development of management strategies to minimise risks and optimise opportunities.

Developing a Risk Management Framework for large scale environmental watering events along the South Australian River Murray

naturallogic is aiding the development of a Risk Management Framework for large scale environmental watering events for Chowilla, Pike and Katfish floodplains. The framework considers the risks within the anabranches, wetlands and floodplains adjacent to the main River channel, and the risks to the main River channel and associated uses. The framework considers knowledge of the system and risk assessment, preventative measures and mitigation actions and operational monitoring and contingency planning.


Integrated Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments

naturallogic was engaged to develop the water resource section of the ‘Integrated Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for the Central Local Government Region’, with the provision of background water resource information, discussion of the likely impacts to water resources (and associated environmental and social values) under various climate change scenarios. Based on this background information, naturallogic facilitated a stakeholder workshop to qualitative assess scenarios and develop actions which would increase the adaptive capacity of the community.
naturallogic was similarly engaged to prepare the water resource section for the ‘Gap Identification of the Climate Change Impacts on the Murray-Darling Basin Region of South Australia’, as a precursor to the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resource Management Board, undertaking a full Integrated Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment.


Rainwater through Hot water Service – Microbial Risk Assessment

naturallogic was engaged by Water Futures to assist in the development of a microbial risk assessment for the use of heated rainwater source from a hot water service. The work was completed for the Department of Health and the Government of Victoria to support and inform policy positions.

Utilization of HACCP Approach for Evaluating Integrity of Treatment Barriers for Reuse

The focus of this Water Reuse Foundation project is to build on Australian and international experience with HACCP for recycled water management and to help evaluate, pilot-test and tailor a HACCP approach to microbial control in U.S. reclaimed water systems. naturallogic is supporting Water Futures Pty Ltd in Phase 1 of this project; to produce a preliminary evidence-based review of the use of HACCP for process control in the water industry in Australia (also noting selected West European and SE Asian Experiences) and the current status of systems incorporating HACCP principles in the U.S. water industry. This literature review and evaluation will provide a broad evidence base to understand and comment on the practical application of HACCP for reclaimed water management in terms of microbial risk protection and the way in which HACCP would control such risks.
Referee for the project: Dr Daniel Deere, Water futures Pty Ltd.


Riverbank Collapse Program – Risk Assessment Process

During 2008/09 there have been a number of riverbank collapse incidents along the River Murray below Lock 1. These have occurred particularly in the summer months and have usually involved soil, rock and in some instances infrastructure sliding into the river. The Riverbank Collapse Hazard is primarily a consequence of extreme low river water levels, and can pose a risk of harm to people or damage to property or the environment. naturallogic has been engaged by the Riverbank Collapse Program to assist in the risk assessment of this hazard in accordance with the requirements of the Riverbank Collapse Hazard Plan.
Referee for the project: Mr Jai O’Toole, Riverbank Collapse Program, Department for Water.


Technical provision to the Central Local Government Region of Councils

The Central Local Government Region of Councils has contracted naturallogic to advice on water resource projects and issues. A focus of the work is to aid in the development of business cases and seek funding opportunities for both State and Federal sources.
Another related project was to contribute the water resource section to the regions Regional Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Report and community workshop. The report required a review of all water resource information and an interpretation of climate change scenarios, within the context of the defined vulnerability assessment
Referee for the project: Ms Anita Crisp, CEO Central Local Government Region of Councils.


Recreational Risks on the Lower Yarra River

naturallogic was engaged to undertake a review of recreational risks on the Lower Yarra River for Melbourne Water and completed the Phase 1 Report (2009). This work considered risk to public health associated with recreational use of the river. The risk assessment was qualitative and considered the degree of certainty in the assessment and reviewed current management measures. The study made recommendation on whether a quantitative risk assessment was warranted for each risk or if the current management measures were sufficient to management the risk.


Climate Change Risks to Water Safety Plans (Case Studies) – World Health Organization

naturallogic was engaged to develop several international case studies for the World Health Organization Report, Applying the Water Safety Plan Approach to identify, manage and mitigate risk associated with climate change (Draft reports 2009).


River Murray and Lower Lakes Catchment Risk Assessment Project for Water Quality

Karla also developed the method and facilitated the delivery of the River Murray and Lower Lakes Catchment Risk Assessment Project for Water Quality, which led to numerous mitigation measures including; Lower River Murray Hydrodynamic model, Stormwater monitoring of Lower River Murray towns, inclusion barrier around potable water off-takes, Greywater Standards for Houseboats in South Australia, the draft Marina and Houseboat Planning Strategy for South Australia and the implementation of the National Water Quality Management System through the South Australian Murray Darling Basin Natural Resource Management Board.