Recreation Management

We assess recreation within drinking water supply catchments to minimise water quality risks.

Assessing recreation access at Myponga Reservoir

SA Water Corporation engaged naturallogic to assess  recreational access at Myponga Reservoir, utilising remote camera surveillance. naturallogic designed the image capture and storage requirements, and completed the accurate analyse of image data, completing, weekly and monthly reporting, and incident notification as required.

On-water recreational risk assessment for Upper Coliban, Lauriston, Malmsbury Reservoirs

Coliban Water requested a risk assessment for the proposed commencement of on-water recreational fishing on Upper Coliban, Lauriston and Malmsbury Reservoirs. Based on the risk assessment results, the overall impact on source water quality and microbial Health Based Targets (HBT) was determined. Recommendations were made for required actions to ensure Coliban Water met the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act 2003 and their Duty of Care to customers

Evaluation of recreational access in SA Water Reservoirs

Project managed and delivered an appraisal of recreational access within three of SA Waters reservoir reserves that have been opened for recreational fishing, through the collection of surveillance data, angler surveys and consultation with stakeholders. The distilled outcomes and knowledge will be used to develop a range of project recommendations, and provide foresight regarding broader recreational management decisions within other SA Water reservoir reserves.