Project Management and Support

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Establishment of a South Australian Water Resources Operations Centre

The Department for Water (SA) has committed to a priority project to establish a Water Resources Operations Centre, to support decision making by South Australia in relation to the management of its surface water, groundwater and stormwater systems, through the provision of timely and relevant data and analyses. naturallogic has been engaged by Department for Water to project manage the establishment of the Operations Centre.


South Australian Salt Interception Schemes – NAPSWQ Completions Reports

The Murray–Darling Basin is one of Australia’s most productive agricultural areas. A major challenge is salinity in the Basin caused by land and water use changes over the last two centuries. The Basin Salinity Management Strategy is a Basin-wide response to the significant threat posed by salinity.

Amongst a suite of measures, the BSMS calls for a program of salt interception scheme ‘joint-works’ to mitigate the threat of salinity to the Murray River. Between 2004 & 2011, a number of new SIS were established in South Australia, with funding contributed under the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality. At the completion of this work, naturallogic was engaged to review the implementation of the Program and develop the required Completion Reports and a Program Review report for the regional, State and Australian Government partner organisations.


The Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) Eco-informatics and Rangelands Scientific Reference Site Network Facilities

The Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) is intended to catalyse a sea change in the way ecological research is pursued in Australia by developing a network of dedicated observation sites; standardised measurement methodologies; equipment and data; and information services, which collectively will contribute to meeting the needs of terrestrial ecosystem research and natural resource management at the national scale. naturallogic was engaged by the University of Adelaide to provide project management guidance and support services for the development of the TERN Eco-informatics and Rangeland Site Network Facilities, within the University of Adelaide.