Integrated Water Management

Bringing together all aspects of the water cycle (including rainwater, stormwater, wastewater) to meet the communities needs in an sustainable manner.

 Integrated Water Management Plans

The concept of integrated water management (IWM) was introduced to encourage coordinated and holistic planning for water, wastewater and stormwater systems.  naturallogic has completed a IWMP for the township of Orroroo, Quorn and Hawker. The Plans aims to provide:

  • for the sustainable management of all water resources within, impacted or drawn upon by the township and their planned growth areas;
  •  for productive, sustainable, livable, socially inclusive towns that are well placed to meet future challenges and growth;
  • water use that is “fit for purpose”, i.e. water treated to an appropriate standard in keeping with its intended use; including options to improve the aesthetic nature of the mains water supply;
  • for sufficient water supplies to maintain public open space for amenity and recreational values, while protecting the health and wellbeing of the community in a warming climate;
  • clearly articulate connections and directions to the different sections of Council’s business, e.g. planning, engineering/operations and strategy;
  • water infrastructure that addresses the water-energy nexus; and
  • leadership to the community and clear direction as to how water will be managed into the future.


Strengthening basin communities

The SA Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board is responsible for the Program Management of the Strengthening Basin Communities, Planning Component Program in SA (SBC Program). The Board has engaged naturallogic engaged review the draft integrated water management plans and water conservation plans and provide recommendations to Council’s and consultants. The aim of this work is to ensure that the reports are consistent with the original project brief and hence are compliant with federal government funding requirements.