A selection of current and previous projects

naturallogic undertakes a variety of projects in various areas of environmental and catchment management.

Our clients include: water utilities, Local and State Government, regional authorities, as well as the private sector.

Showcase projects

Our current and most influential projects and publications.  

Recreation Management

We assess recreation within drinking water supply catchments to minimise water quality risks.

Source Water Assessment

We bring together catchment and land management information to understand risks to drinking water supplies.

Catchment Management

We bring together science and information on natural resources and community characteristics, to develop sustainable social, economic and environmental outcomes.  

Environmental Water Planning and Operations

Delivering environmental water to maximise benefit to the riverine environment, while minimising risks.  

Project Management and Support

Our capacity to understand clients needs and their culture, ensures a seamless interaction when managing and supporting projects.

Monitoring and knowledge management

Ensuring that monitoring and long term knowledge management meets the needs of clients in the most efficient manner.

Integrated Water Management

Bringing together all aspects of the water cycle (including rainwater, stormwater, wastewater) to meet the communities needs in an sustainable manner.

Risk Assessment and Management

Understanding and assessing risks to environmental and business systems, enables the development of management strategies to minimise risks and optimise opportunities.