We specialise in supporting our clients to tackle those difficult natural resource management challenges, which require over-the-horizon vision, critical analysis, systemic approaches, ‘tasky’ project management and the development of robust operating and business systems.


As a ’boutique’ Company we are able to operate as a fluid extension of our clients’ business – bringing a broad base of natural resource management experience and high-level analysis, planning, policy, project management and operating system development expertise into their organisation to augment their established team.


We’re recognised as talented innovators in our fields and are often called upon to develop and deliver those ‘outside the square’ solutions to complex, multi-dimensional natural resource management challenges.


naturallogic consultants have an intimate understanding of the business environment in which State and regional agencies work – we know how to operate in that environment and how to add value to the business.

naturallogic is regularly engaged by a variety of State agencies, Local Government bodies and Natural Resource Management (NRM) Boards, to develop and/or deliver technical, policy and management projects. We bring a broad base of NRM experience to our work, with particular technical expertise in:

  • Catchment processes, water quality and vulnerability assessment;
  • Environmental flows management;
  • Design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems;
  • Catchment risk assessment and mitigation planning;
  • Landuse planning within open potable water supply catchments;
  • Business planning initiation and implementation.

Our extensive experience in working with government and in water resource management in South Australia and nationally, ensures that work will be completed in a highly efficient manner.

Communication with clients occurs regularly – but without the requirement to bring our consultants up-to-speed on the fundamental elements of legislative and policy positions and inter-agency relationships.

Risk assessment and management
Catchment processes
Monitoring and evaluation
Business planning and implementation

"We think of our land and water and human resources not as static and sterile possessions but as life giving assets to be directed by wise provisions for future days."

Franklin D. Roosevelt


Resource Assessment

Resource Assessment

We guarantee our clients a practical analysis of issues and information central to their needs. read more

Natural Asset Investment

Natural Asset Investment

Investing in our natural assessment through systems development.. read more

Project Development

Project Development

We can help you turn a good idea into a solid proposal. read more

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

We are widely recognised for our talents in systematic analysis. read more

Our Work

Our Team

Karla Billington

Karla Billington

Director and Principal Water Resource Management Consultant

Working across a number of water-resource related agencies and as a consultant, Karla has over the past 20 years become recognised as a leader in water resource and catchment risk assessment and management, both in South Australia and within national circles. She is an active member of the Australian Water Association (AWA) and is currently a co-chair of the (AWA’s) Catchment Management Network.

Darren Willis

Darren Willis

Director and Principal Natural Resource Management Consultant

Over a 30-year career in the public sector, Darren has gained extensive experience across almost every natural resource management agency in South Australia - from fisheries to forestry, parks to environment protection and water, land and biodiversity conservation. This broad base of exposure underpins Darren’s applied expertise in landscape-scale environmental program management – including; conceptualisation, planning and feasibility assessments, and technical leadership and delivery of biodiversity conservation, water resource, rural land management and environmental engineering project initiatives.

Tailoring a team for your needs

Tailoring a team for your needs

naturallogic has an extensive network of collaborative partners - experts in ecological assessment, landuse planning, climate change, microbiology, soils sciences, environmental engineering, resource economics, GIS and stakeholder and community consultation. These specialised consulting colleagues can be called upon as required to contribute to the delivery of specific projects, ensuring that the 'right' people are brought together to deliver your project. We work with colleagues at both the State and National level to ensure the highest standard of service. This network enables us to assemble a tailor-made team from across a range of disciplines and blend these with our clients’ existing resources to respond to projects of a wide variety of dimensions.


New Zealand inquiry identifies multiple failures to ensure safe drinking water supply

This Inquiry has shown, meeting the Drinking-water Standards was only part of the story.

“Where the water source was an aquifer, the delivery of safe drinking water to consumers was dependent on the security of the source from contaminants. It was also dependent upon the water supplier being aware of and managing the risks of contamination of the water supply, and competent local authority administration of the broader resource management regime”.

The enquiry found that “it was highly likely that heavy rain inundated paddocks neighbouring Brookvale Road causing contaminated water to flow into a pond about 90 metres from Brookvale Road bore 1” and subsequently entered the bore. With the result that there was direct interaction and between surface water and groundwater, and hence increasing the source water vulnerability.

The enquiry also found that “the Regional Council’s knowledge and awareness of aquifer and catchment contamination risks near Brookvale Road fell below required standards. It failed to take specific and effective steps to assess the risks of contamination to the Te Mata aquifer near Brookvale Road and the attendant risks to drinking water-safety”.

The overview of findings of part 1 of the enquiry can be at—Part-1—Overview.

Victorian Branch – Catchment Management Technical Seminar

On 22 March 2017, World Water Day, the Australian Water Association’s Victorian Branch, in collaboration with the Association’s Catchment Management Specialist Network, held a one day Catchment Management Technical Seminar in Melbourne. Karla attended the seminar, along with 70 delegates from Victoria and further afield.

The theme of the seminar was Catchment management for water quality, and the stated objective of the day was Building understanding between land managers, catchment management authorities and water corporations on how catchment management delivers water quality benefits.

The seminar was broken up into four sessions:
• Session 1:  Policy frameworks for catchment management
• Session 2:  The big picture and the state of the science
• Session 3:  Managing and understanding pathogen risks in catchments
• Session 4:  Practical responses to catchment issues
Whilst it was billed as a Victorian branch event, there were several interstate presenters and delegates which was really good to seek

The presentations were of a high quality and covered a range of contemporary catchment management issues. Initial feedback from delegates was very positive.

Karla is a committee member of the Catchment Management Specialist Network.

Source Vulnerability Assessment – Brogo River Catchment

Brogo River Offtake

Karla recently visited Bega, NSW, to assess the source water vulnerability of the Brogo-Bermagui water supply system. The project considers the vulnerability of the water within the Brogo River, the microbial quality of the water and the capacity of drinking water treatment. Naturallogic, has completed similar assessments, for Clarence Valley Council, Hunter Water, North East Catchment Management Authority in recent months.

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